Nirja believes that life is what we want to live by our heart! Both of them wanted the best apparels in design and affordable for their own kids. This combination is rare to find and difficult to invent, so they decided to choose the hard way as sustainability is their favourite feature.

Their journey had started with this simple concept of good quality to enter the market.  This steadfast refusal to compromise often
results into price hike and delays which again is the bigger challenge picked up by them.

Employing extraordinary materials like Muslin, cotton, linen suitable as per the changing seasons. With technical mastery and a passion for precision, MnA meticulously
designs and refines every detail of each frame. This effortless fusion of style and fit inspires rare patient loyalty and at leading kids fashion
nationwide. Exceptional quality begins and ends with MnA

Designed in our studios in Hyderabad, our apparels are manufactured India, Hyderabad. We maintain only ONE quality standard as our apparels undergo a minimum of five quality control checkpoints and so we stand behind our product’s quality without exception..

Their concept to be susutainable has prompted them to start a “Smile exchange program”. Once your kids outgrows MnA apparels, then please mail them and send them to get a 15% discount on the next purchase.

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